The international exhibition project "Memory Globe"


"Memory Globe", d=50sm


 The international project of reconciliation over tombs of all fallen during the Second World War.


I. "The MEMORY GLOBE" in honour of 70.140.000 victims during the Second World War, including … … … …... 000 citizens … … … … ….
The present international project is the general marathon of memory leaning against the concept of humanity common to all mankind and the international reconciliation over tombs. The marathon starts in 2010, in a year of the 65 anniversary from the date of the Second World War termination, one year will last still not and will take the worthy place in the cultural program on Olympic games in Sochi, in 2014. This project is not legal and it is formal - memorial, it is conceived as live, moving and socially created. He allows each person, in each country, irrespective of a post and a social standing, to have possibility to show the national patriotic feelings in uniform international product and to take the most direct part in its creation, having saluted a memory tribute in victims during the most bloody war in the history of mankind.
The centre and project heart is created Moscow enameller - mosaicer
Andrey Mandjos in common with all inhabitants of our planet "the Memory Globe" D=50ñì from an enamel mosaic on which borders of 39 countries (1945) are represented for the first time according to the sizes of their losses in the Second World War. In these borders each interested person also will spread independently or to charge to make it for it the mosaic fragments, each of which corresponds 1.000 persons who have not endured this war, that is only 70.140 enamel fragments.
Such other sight at the World, at the Earth as though socialises all countries and the people not according to existing geographical frontiers, and is perfect by other principle, by a principle of a human pain and the endured sufferings, on borders of those wounds which were brought to mankind by this war.

The main purpose of the given project, besides creation of memorable universal art mosaic product in honour of all victims in the Second World War, fund raising for carrying out of search expeditions and actions for detection of millions remains of victims not betrayed to the earth, missing soldiers and îòäàíèþ it of last honours which results will be annually published in special reports is. In this connection putting on of mosaic fragments will be carried out for a small payment, and all participants will receive the passport-certificate with instructions of those countries in which perpetuating they has taken part.
"The Memory globe" will visit the states which participated in war. Its arrival will be accompanied by various cultural-public actions, depending on what support will be met by the project on this or that trip.
The project provides also possibility of joint participation and in other other enterprises and programs, both creative, and the official, corporate, public, political and spiritual plan.
Citizens of all countries in the name of their heads, ambassadors and other official representatives of the power, business, parties and religion are offered to take part in the given project and personally to put the particles in memory of victims of war.
Mosaic fragments can be put as directly on various actions, and by means of remote participation. Thus … … … … … …. Have possibility to put on «the Memory Globe» in honour of the lost compatriots of all … … … … …. Mosaic fragments, but they can put and thousand fragments in memory of victims of war from other countries, each fragment for one thousand victims. The fragments will be put by separate citizens, the whole families and separate collectives. See «the Memory Globe» all interested persons can.
Thus each country will have possibility to make the support for «the Memory Globe» on which it and will be all time spent in this country. Execute such support can to be it is offered to someone from the most outstanding artists or it will be result of special national competition.

Also from a management of each country delivery to "the Memory Globe», in the name of its author Andrey Mandjos, the state national colours who together with it will be shown during all visit is expected. Upon termination of a marathon all flags collected in the different countries will take the worthy place around «the Memory Globe» in a special memorial hall of one of the most significant museums of the world, thus the project countries-participants can receive the official author's copy of a definitive kind of the product created by all nations made of Andrey Mandjos then for ever to establish it in the country on support already made earlier.
Upon termination of each stage of the present marathon in honour of victims during the Second World War the right will solemnly accept «the Memory Globe» to be transferred to representatives of following its expecting country.

II. Simultaneously with «the Memory Globe» citizens........................ … for the first time can get acquainted with a new kind of Russian art –
«Andrey Mandjos enamel mosaic»,
In which «the Memory Globe» is created.
The author of this art direction executed from classical jeweller materials, but on absolutely new author's innovative technology which do not have analogue in the history of world culture, the Moscow artist Andrey Mandjos who became first-ever enameller -
mosaicer is. According to many who has had time to get acquainted with a collection of the products created by it, they already now represent national property, the big international appeal, huge spectator potential and are worthy the widest popularisation that tens reportings in a press and on TV, and also received during last two years more than 700 enthusiastic responses from foreign artists and many diplomas from exhibitions confirm. In 2007 creativity of the master has been noted by the Certificate of honour of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation: "For the historical contribution to world both domestic culture and the invention of a new art form -" Mosaics from hot enamel ".

«Russia the help of arts can make surprise and pleasure.» M.Lomonosov

The collection of mosaic fragments future «the Enamel Room» is extensive enough and expensive. In collection structure, besides «the Memory Globe», enter:
1. The mosaic portraits most expensive in the world, including most expensive from existing portraits of Russian President V.V. Putin, and also created by 300-year-old anniversary (in 2011) a unique mosaic portrait of the great Russian scientist, the artist and educator M.V.Lomonosova which is the father of Russian mosaic and which has devoted 17 years of the life to this art.
2. Mosaic Easter eggs from hot enamel which the well-known K.Faberge when it, being
enameller could not make, in due time has created mosaic egg from stones, instead of from enamel.
3. Various mosaic pictures, a panel, life and cult subjects, and also for the first time in history mosaic the icon salary, a church bell,
íàïðåñòîëüíîå the crucifixion and the paper inlaid with hot enamel, a fabric, a skin, a tree and porcelain.
4. The first-ever microminiature sample of roasting of hot enamel in a thickness of human hair - «the Molecule Faberge», and also jewels, samples
âèòðàæíîé mosaics and an automosaic in the form of various emblems and the unique car in the world – «present carriages», decorated with the family arms from a functional enamel mosaic.
5. A mosaic picture «the City on Neva, mosaic travel across St.-Petersburg», created to the 300 anniversary of Northern Capital and consisting of 18.421 separately burnt jeweller fragments that is a world record in the field of decorative - an applied art.

III. The Presented exhibition project develops traditions of the well-known artists and modern cultural wealth, shows communication of generations and a creative image of modern Russia. «A XXI-st century mosaic» - the unique and Russian phenomenon in the history of world culture which only still should be "opened" for today's inhabitants … … … … … …., that they could see and find it.
Within the limits of participation in creation of "the Memory Globe» and acquaintance of citizens … … … … … … … and their visitors with a new art form probably carrying out of some wide presentation and informative actions of the international, state, scientific, cultural and public character, including delivery of memorable product to the country leaders, placing of samples of an enamel mosaic in leading museums … … … … … … …., support by the various cultural program, the organisation of auction sales and modelling displays with clothes subjects, accessories and the jeweller ornaments, for the first time inlaid with an enamel mosaic, the edition of a corresponding printed matter, release of memorable souvenirs, carrying out of lectures, master classes, demonstration of various video data and
For the greatest acquaintance the tour organisation on the basic cities … … … … … … … … … is possible.

Exhibition visit and acquaintance … … … … … … …. With a new direction in art provide possible various steps on its further advancement and popularisation in … … … … … … … …, to the beginning of long and constant cooperation, opening of salons-galleries, schools and ò.ä.

IV. Thus the present project has also the memorialno-monumental continuation which consists that upon termination of a marathon or even already in its process each country will have an opportunity to establish in the territory the corresponding fundamental monument-memorial "the Memory Globe", D = 4 metres or more, in the same proportional borders and in the same quantities of fragments, as author's, is mobile - go-ahead jeweller product from tens thousand drops of hot enamel, d=50
ñì, created by Andrey Mandjos and all inhabitants of the Earth would become which centre identical mosaic.

V. The Project also provides participation in work of special fund and jury on award of the annual award "Memory Globe" for special historical and outstanding practical merits to those people in the various countries which have most caused a stir at the organisation and direct participation in carrying out of search works, and also in development of consciousness of the international reconciliation over tombs and realisation of socially-state and useful in given case socially-state and international actions.

Sections of the project, participation condition, the official Register of participants, the approximate list of accompanying actions and contacts are specified on an official web site of the project «Memory Globe»:
Project details, various solemn actions and the accompanying program will be developed for each country or region separately taking into account their national features and traditions. Thus especially will be socially and those state, commercial and other structures which have taken active part in project support are publicly noted.
The author of the project – enameller - mosaicer Andrey Mandjos, drops of which labour sweat will be embodied in each mosaic particle of hot enamel.
Its official web site: .