Partnership and joint projects

     Dear friends!

     1. The goal of my whole life is to open “The Enamel Room Museum” – an enamel (and other)-mosaic museum which I’m sure will be visited by crowds of art lovers from a host of countries. The collection I arranged together, in the meantime, might already be doing well in the way of exhibitions. Later on it will be extended and completed with other works. The place and the funding for such a museum are not allocated yet but I’m hopeful that one of these days there will be a visionary to support the one-of-a-kind project in the history of human culture.

     2. As of now, I’m looking forward to any collaboration regarding exhibition of the new art or rather a fleck of mankind’s cultural heritage. The exhibitions can be stand alone events or affiliated with some other culture-oriented venues or even they can be individual showcases at state-funded, community groups or commercial events.

     3.The word about the new Russian epoch-making culture-and-art breakthrough, I believe, must be proudly disseminated among the world community by way of mass media or by hosting science conferences, educational workshops or state-funded venues as well as by setting up branch offices, schools and studios.

     4. Besides, another matter to cooperate on is showcasing enamel-mosaic in various field-specific museums and private galleries worldwide. The new artistic technology will go a long way towards enriching church interiors and the paraphernalia.

     5. This being said, considering the new expressive opportunities, we’re on the lookout for partners wishing to engage in the production of diverse sets of extravagant collectables and assorted elite gifts, either incrusted with mosaic or just adorned with its images. I’ll be glad to show everyone around my collection and am fairly sure that it will leave nobody unmoved.

     Thank you for your attention.                 Enameler-mosaicist Andrey Lvovich Mandjos



I’ll be glad to cooperate with you within the scope of the following projects:


The historic project of modern culture.

The construction of the Museum of Enamel Mosaic and other enamel artwork

"The Enamel Room”

soon to expand into "The Halls of Enamel”

(see bottom of the page for details).  


New project.

For the first time in Europe! For the first time in your country! For the first time in your city! Exhibition:

“The mosaic treasures of the ENAMEL ROOM”.


Corporate showcase for staff members, public and educational institutions! Exhibition

“The mosaic treasures of the ENAMEL ROOM".


One-booth presence in various international exhibition and cultural projects.


Opening of the permanent exhibit “The Mosaic treasures of the ENAMEL ROOM”.


Showcasing samples of the new art in field-specific museums worldwide.


Holding auction sales.


Establishing trade agencies:  individual salons and in-store sections.


The setting up of instructional/production units and studios.


The establishment of the School (Academy) of Enamel Mosaic.


Publishing of books, sketch-books, placards, calendars, jigsaw puzzles and various other printed product about

“The Mosaic Revolution

in Enamel Art”.


Issuance of collectable coins and medals.

Among other things, the projects:

to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the House of Romanov (2013).

  Mosaic medals for the Olympic Games in Sochi (2014).

The first bullion medal.

The first modern private coin.


  Joint production of assorted small-size items incrusted with enamel mosaic.

 Household and items of furniture, devotional articles, footwear, accessories, car mosaic, etc.

On wood, china, leather, metal, etc.


A project to mark the centenary of the BMW group in 2013.

Showcase in the BMW museum of the one and only BMW X-5 carrying the most practical car mosaic.

The Moscow-Munich car run.


A brand new art as a gift!

Making of high-class mosaic-overlaid gifts within the partnership with Gift endowments for Commercial Companies and State-owned enterprises.  


  Issuance of assorted keepsakes bearing images of mosaic pieces.



The “Globe of Memory” project.

The international marathon of memory and reconciliation over tombs in honor of 70.140.000 persons, victims in all countries during 2 World wars.

For the first time the memorial work of art shows in the comparison, what losses were incurred by each country. 

Put the «a memory fragment» for 1.000 lost compatriots!  The collected means will be directed for carrying out of concrete search expeditions, and results are published.

detailed >>>


The Great St. George’s Cross ‑ modern Russia’s first (wall) sign of valor.

“For valiant service to Russia”. 

To be bestowed upon either individual citizens of the Russian Federation or groups of such, shoulder-strapped or not, either for a feat of arms or for meritorious military service.


The “Gift for the Pope” project.

The giving of a mosaic easter egg of enamel (“what Faberge was not able to make") to the Pope Benedictus XVI that was then placed in the Museum of Church Art in the Vatican City.


 The setting up of and participation in scientific research projects: panel discussions, conferences, workshops.


The project “The Princesses of the 21st century”.

A series of portraits of princesses of the European Royal Houses.


Participation in various Russian and International award-making projects.




 Organizing and running workshops and talks about a new kind of art. 


Appearance in mass media and TV reports, educational series about making documentaries including a series of enamel-mosaic projects. Issuance of compact discs.


Using slogans and images in advertisement and production.  


The main project:



Museum of an enamel mosaic and other art enamel.

The author of the idea and the project is

A. L. Mandjos (2001) who has set making this project come true as his lifetime goal.

In the photo is “the ceramic room” which will be easily matched or even superseded by jeweler’s enamel, let alone when it comes to mosaic art.

    The art studio/workshop of A. L. MANDJOS and the First School of Enamel  Mosaic are gearing up for the monumental project “The Enamel Room” commensurate with the making of the 18th-century AMBER ROOM. Presently a lot of effort is being put into designing the interiors of the enamel room and other enamel panels. A number of the prospective room’s constituents are already made but generally there’s a whole way to go.

     Here we’re bound to see mosaic-overlaid paintings, portraits and panels, household and furniture items, devotional articles, including mosaic casings for icons and books, diverse church homeware, jewelry, garments – all embellished with mosaic touch-ups, a car done with mosaic on the inside, diverse mosaic sculpture and plastic art pieces, starting with chess sets and on to larger sizes.  Among the other interesting things are combinations of mosaic with other artistic techniques, when something rather every-day becomes an eye-watering work of art through a handful of mosaic pieces scattered around. Thought up to be situated behind the flat fish-tank wall is a mockup of the sea bottom shaped after the legendary Atlantis incrusted with all and sundry mosaic patterns. Its title “The Enamel Room” says little about its future. In a few years, the museum is planned to expand into an impressive series of halls, the Halls of Enamel each of which will have its own distinct color scheme: ruby red, emerald green, (light) blue, yellow to white etc. or patterned after a certain social context: portraits, nature, fantasy, etc.

     Considering the value of enamel, the time-tested embellishment to jewelry, awards, trophies and various other items of precious metal and the uniqueness, importance and attractability of the project, you can tell that the input material value of “The Enamel Room” is akin to that of   the renowned Faberge eggs and other treasures of hot enamel. That is why it can be considered the Promised Land to all these things or, so to speak, their own home.

    Friends! Today we’re all given the unique opportunity to touch the future of our and even world culture, leave an indelible imprint on the history of mankind, and above all to become part of it. So, in greeting prospective sponsors and philanthropists, I would like to say that it would be my pleasure to immortalize them in the interiors of the Enamel Room as one of its trustees and friends.

     As of now, the question of where the Enamel Room – the gem of the 21-st century visual, ornamental and jeweler’s art ‑ is going to be located and how it’s going to be funded remains unanswered...

     See you in the Enamel Room!



           Copyright © 2001.  All rights reserved.