Andrey Mandjos is open about his goals. He is  after not the acclaim of a distinguished artist of his time, but above all that of the pioneer of a new artistic tradition to have opened up an unprecedented realm of opportunity for enamelers worldwide. He is engaged in perpetual experiment which steers him towards new, so-far-unseen, solutions. That being said, not only does the artist turn out new works, but he also puts a new spin on art pieces of old time through bold and original use of the mosaic-enamel tandem lending them a brand-new visual power and allure.

     Recognized by international experts, the new artistic technology is but cultural legacy of mankind and in all its manifestations serves to make it somewhat better. In view of this the artists works must be viewed not only by the posterity but also by his contemporaries.

     The master likes to experiment by putting before himself completely different technical tasks. Sometimes he ends up flat on his face but other times what he produces gets the viewer rooted to the spot with admiration. This perpetual search and strife to usher in a whole new decorative technology to a large extent condition the choice of items and ideas by the author but be it as it may any blot of color from Andrey Mandjos merits the attention of his contemporaries and posterity alike.

     We genuinely hope that you draw a lot of pleasure from an acquaintance with Andrey Mandjos enamel mosaic.

     But bear in mind that a certain light setting and real-life conditions add much to the experience of enamel-mosaic pieces shining its enamel drops at the viewer.

     Welcome under the cover of a story book!


"The mind-blowing collection of Enamel Room treasures:


Mosaic medals and coins >>> 

Pictures and panels  >>>  

The Great St.Georges Cross. >>> 

Desktop and full-dress portraits >>> 

Mosaic china.  >>> 

Mosaic emblems. >>> 

Mosaic engraving. >>> 
Sculpture and plastic art >>> 

Clothes, footwear, accessories >>>

Picture of wool with a mosaic >>>   

Devotional articles >>> 

Easter eggs >>>  

Stained-glass mosaic >>> 
Antiquity brought up-to-date >>> 

Car mosaic >>> 

Décor, furniture and household items >>> 

 Mosaic Parsuns >>>  

The Faberge Molecule >>> 

Famous prototypes >>> 

  Paintings and art photography by Andrey Mandjos   >>>  



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