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 May 9, 2015 in honor of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II will be a presentation "Memory Globe"!

Anyone can take part in this event as sponsors, organizers and participants!



 Summing up the All-Russian contest "Enamel room."




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      New art project - a o n to y r s


      On August 1 and December 31, 2014 held the All-Russian competition for the permanent stationing of existing stock of the museum collection "Mosaic Treasures enamel Rooms" and create on its basis the most unique museum of modern "Enamel room."

       This new museum, unlike the famous Amber Room, lined with ornamental amber yellow-brown shades, not only the walls and ceilings, but also all kinds of exhibits will be created from precious and multicolored enamel jewelery - the material, which was famous for working with the famous court jeweler K. Faberge.

       10 years ago to recreate the Amber Room is now visited by more than 2 million tourists a year. No less a tourist attraction can be expected from the enamel of the room.

       The contest is announced among museums, mansions, castles, fortresses and monasteries, as well as other private residences and industrial facilities that can be tailored for this.

      Upon receipt of a formal request from you (scan of the letter) of the desire to take part in the competition in your e-mail address will be sent to all the details of the competition and the presentation of the project and will also be given the opportunity to direct acquaintance with the collection.

      N.B. All correspondence is conducted in the name of the owner of the collection and the author of the project A.L.Mandjosa.



Since March 2013 the Moscow Mint is launching a first of its shops in the world of mosaic medals, as well as other works by Andrey Mandjos mosaic.


1.Pervye world mosaic coin.        2.Mosaic works of Andrey Mandjos.

March 2013  

We shod flea, but so what?
Medals for the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, could be mosaic, but alas ... - a chance missed. 
More information (in Russian) >>>




February. Picture of wool with a mosaic.


"Ararat at sunset"   Andrey Mandjos
coat enamel mosaic, 38.5 x 54.5 cm 2013

    The first picture is a mosaic of wool: - the main symbol and landmark of Armenia - Mount Ararat with next to it the monastery of Khor Virap.

February 21. I received a call from the Presidential Administration that President Vladimir Putin personally were presented the question of the fate of enamel mosaic museum "Enamel room" in Russia, and of ignoring these issues by officials at all levels. Putin said that he knows about Andrew Mandjos, but all the questions on culture should pay to the Minister of Culture.

January 15 ¹ 13-05-06. Letter from the Ministry of Culture. In the individual receiving the Minister refused. Support "living heritage" in not competent.




In December. Moscow Mint issued a New Year's calendar with mosaic medal "Dome."


In December. A.Mandîjos in collaboration with A.Ivantsov (Moscow Mint) and Goncharov (GOZNAK) received an international patent for the invention ¹ 2.465.794 on 10.11.2012 - a mosaic decoration medal-coin products to industrial priority until 2031 year.



December 17. Andreó Mandjos and Jewelry Company "Arsenal-Zlato" produced unique individual with mosaic icons Spartak personally Leonid Fedun (vice-president of "Lukoil" and the owner of the stadium "Spartak") and Andrey Fedun (Managing Director stadium "Spartak").



September. Article "Mosaic make individual coin." Interview of the mint magazine "Golden ducat" >>>


June, 15-17 2012 – Radisson Slavyanskaya and the Business Center.  3 COINS: the international conference and exhibition ‑ 2012.

 The sensation of the conference/exhibition: showcase of the world’s first mosaic medal at the GOZNAK booth. COINS is the only Russian-hosten international forum dedicated to the coin market. A report by the Moscow Mint GOZNAK on a new mosaic technique in the coin/medal craft. Details. >>>

April, 4 2012 – Round table: “Private collections, a luxury or a sizable contribution to Russian culture?”  at the National Museum of Folk Art and Applied Ornamental Design.

March, 23 2012 – No. 01-09-631/2  “We are sorry to inform you that The Moscow Department for Culture does not possess the premises to accommodate “The Mosaic Treasures of the Enamel Room” museum. Moreover, a number of state-funded museums established by the Moscow government from 20002 through 2006 have so far not been provided with floor space and many others are in need of an expansion. Since A.L. Mandjos proposes putting together a range of enamel-mosaic works of authorship in the form of a museum, we deem it necessary to inform you that over the last 2-3 years the Moscow Department for Culture has been receiving numerous proposals about creating artist’s private museums. Based on this, the Moscow Department for Culture decided to adopt a policy against setting up personal museums and galleries. Head of Department S.A. Kapkov".

March, 22 2012 – an article in “Young Communist of Moscow” (one of the top Russian dailies) titled:  “Lomonosov made mint’s craftsmen’s dream come true".

January, 19-22 2012 – an exhibition forum at the exhibition centre “Khodynka”: Introduction to “the Mosaic Revolution” to celebrate Lomonosov’s 300-th anniversary. The world’s first proof like-quality mosaic medal was showcased: “300th anniversary of the founder of the Russian mosaic art, M. V. Lomonosov”. Details. >>>

2012 – the year of Russian history – a St’ George’s Cross was created that is a statuesque badge of honor for “valiant service to Russia”. In observance of the 300th anniversary of the father of Russian mosaic art, M. V. Lomonosov, the world’s first proof like-quality mosaic medal was coined.



In honor of the 300 anniversary of the father of Russian mosaic of M.V.Lomonosov the first-ever mosaic medal of monetary stamping and collection quality "pruf" is let out.

Details. >>>


In 2011, A. Mandjos receives a lifetime international medal-and-coin craft commercial patent from ROSPATENT.



December, 3-5 2010 – presence at the "TOP LINE" exhibition hosted by “Krokus Expo”, 3rd building, 15th hall. Premium- and Luxe-class ware exhibition. TOP LINE is the exhibition for those who value high living standard and hold success as their staunchest ally: for prosperous businessmen and entrepreneurs, top management of the world’s leading companies and highly-positioned public officers.

A long-term partnership contract is signed with the Moscow Mint GOZNAK for creating the first series of medal-coin work.

“Emma-enamel” ‑ a gift song by and from the lyricist and composer Andrey Novojilov.

2010 – The Globe of Memory is created (a memorial to WWII victims) to be overlaid with mosaic in the after years.



2009 – an international jury panel (National Museum of Folk Art and Applied Ornamental Design, et al.) recognize “The mosaic collection of the Enamel Room” as a museum success.

Letters to the president and the primer-minister, answers. No. 1 from 24.05.2009, No. 2 from 19.11.2009, from 01.01.2010,

Personal exhibition - salon of mosaics "Enamel room">>>



The Faberge Molecula is made ‑ the first ever micro-level act of baking enamel.

The one and only mosaic-clad church bell is designed.

2008 – the creation of the one-of-a-kind car refurbished with the most ergonomic car mosaic.

The creation of the first outfits and footwear incrusted with mosaic.



The clothes and footwear samples for the first time inlaid with a mosaic are created.

On February 19 2007 - the President of A.L Fund. Mandjos it is nominated by "Dyagilev's" Award of 2 degrees "For advantage to Russian culture" >>>

February 2007 - within the carried-out exhibition in Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation of A.L.Mandjos the icon "Sacred Lyudmila" was transferred in gift to V. V. Putin's family >>>

In 2007ã. at a personal exhibition in Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, after rewarding by Dyagilev's award, delivery by the adviser of the President of the Russian Federation on culture Yu.K.Laptev Blagodarnosti and the Certificate of honor: «For a historical contribution to world and domestic culture and the invention of a new art form – the Mosaic from hot enamel».

2007 – A. Mandjos is awarded a Certificate of Merit (“For his epoch-making contribution to the world and national history and discovering a brand-new art, e.g. hot-enamel mosaic”) at a private exhibition in the RF Presidential Executive Office by the Advisor for President on cultural affairs Y. K. Laptev, after receiving the Diaghilev order. The world’s first mosaic casing for an icon. >>>


The first-ever mosaic salary of an icon is made.

On December 12 2006 - A.L.Mandjos is awarded the order by Committee of public awards of the Russian Federation of "Lomonosov" "For merits and a big personal contribution to development of domestic culture and art" >>>

2006 – enamel-mosaic Grand-Prix were awarded to the winners of the jeweler’s contest “The Golden Globe”. >>>



On behalf of all Russian craftsmen, awarding of a representative of the Guinness Book of Records at Russia’s first Guinness show.

2005 – to mark 250th anniversary of MSU, a unique mosaic portrait of the forefather of Russian mosaic art, M.V. Lomonosov was made.



One-person exhibition at the Moscow City Duma – the first exhibition of painters based in the North-West end of Moscow.

To commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Northern Capital (i.e. Saint-Petersburg)  the world’s biggest enamel-mosaic was created titled “The city on the Neva. A mosaic journey through Saint Petersburg” ‑ a world record.

In 2003ã. the Patent Russian Federation with the international classification on the Invention is taken out.

2003 – an IPC RF patent was issued ïîëó÷åí.



2002 – first lecture read to department of journalism students at MSU.



A priority of a new kind of art was received from ROSPATENT.

The first personal exhibition at Moscow Academy of Art and Commerce named after Stroganov.

The world’s first enamel Easter egg is made (the feat the renowned Mr. Faberge was not able to accomplish).

In 2001, the first statement from the Armoury to the effect that enamel mosaic works are unprecedented throughout the history of both enamel and mosaic.


1998 – the first works were made.


1995 – the invention of a new technique, called enamel mosaic, drawing on jeweler’s materials.




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