Devotional articles





Mosaic salary of an icon













"The savior."

copper,  enamel wood17 20 sm    2004








Mosaic bell: "Crimson ring".




On a bell are represented:

Maria Magdaleny's temple, a big cross of Cathedral of the Redeemer and in the lower part of a bell - silhouettes of the Russian temples.












Mosaic crucifixion.




















Mosaic incrustation of a bronze cross.









Icon "Sacred Lyudmila".

It is made for a family of the President of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin, 2007.



















Panagia - a breast icon.
Its decorative mosaic allows to see the image from big distance.








For the first time.  Carved icons with a mosaic from enamel are more detailed  >>>





















Incrustation of a salary of the book - the central part of a drobnitsa.





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