Mosaic medals and coins  


The worlds first mosaic-incrusted medal:

300th anniversary of the forefather of mosaic art in Russia, M.V. Lomonosov.




1 row of mosaic medals: Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby.      

2 row of mosaic medals: Soldier's, back, Officer.     

3 row of mosaic medals: Birch, Pomor.

4 row of mosaic medals: Russian.

Moscow Mint, Enamel mosaic of Mandjos: enamel, copper, copper and zinc alloy, gilding

D = 50 mm        2011


The Moscow Mint RF GOZNAK.


Emblems of the Moscow Mint RF GOZNAK.



The history of making the worlds first mosaic medal.

1. Sketches,  try-outs, models.


 Development of the design technology for mosaic medals and coins (in the photo is a rough sketch).



Design of 3D mock-ups of mosaic medals and coins (one of the tentative versions).



 A mock-up is a sketch of the tentative sample of a mosaic medal.


Tentative sample of a mosaic medal

D=100mm, issued jointly by the Moscow Mint and Andrey Mandjos.

Tombac, gilding, Mandjos mosaic





    2. Design of the first edition of the mosaic medal.

Final appearance of the mosaic medal as drawn by the artists of the Moscow Mint based on the idea and the prototype by Andrey Mandjos.

The essence of the design concept is that the obverse of the medal features a close-up of M.V. Lomonosov, not just a sit-down or a full-height portrait, but a close-up of his intellect and wit rather than his garments and room interiors. At the same time, it allowed the designers to picture Lomonosov as completing a mosaic picture, his hand clutching a mosaic piece. The pieces of the mosaic he is doing, meanwhile, by the authors intention, are the same size as the actual Mandjos-mosaic pieces laid over the medal.

The artistic portrait is done all the way across the medal whose diameter equals 50 mm.


3D-model of the mosaic medal coined by the Moscow Mint.

The medals obverse bearing the label of Andrey Mandjos

The face of a mosaic medal with Andrey Mandjos brand: "M " ("Mosaic of Mandjos")


A plaster prototype against a copy of the prospective medal.


Final appearance of the obverse and the reverse of the mosaic medal.

     The flip side of the medal has its name and issue date written down the outer edge, and theres text at its center placed inside an eight-pointed star representing the Blessed Virgin, the protector of Russia, i.e. its the star of Russia and is the only star made eligible for printing/coinage by the Orthodox Church. Inscribed into a circle, the star reflects creation and order



3. Making of the worlds first mosaic medal.

The author of idea, the customer and the owner of circulation of the first mosaic medal Andrey Mandjos with circulation of bases of a medal in hands.

The author of the idea, the purchaser and the owner of the first mintage of the medal is Andrey Mandjos [ ??? ].


     [??? , .. ].

Moscow Mint packing with circulation of bases of a mosaic medal


Moscow Mint seals.


Ready bases of a mosaic medal: "300 years to the founder of mosaic business in Russia to M.V.Lomonosov". They while identical, but soon everything become unlike at each other.

: 300th anniversary of the forefather of the Russian mosaic art, M.V. Lomonosov. As of now they look similar but will soon be customized.


   The medal was rapped out as a coin, has a relief corresponding to coins and the Moscow Mint brand on the turnaround to the party: "MMD" (At the left below in the field under the Eight-final star).

Medals was minted like a coin and has a raised coin-like pattern and its flipside bears the Moscow Mint label saying (bottom left in the area under the 8-pointed star).



"Masking" manufacturing - the filter for an exception of unnecessary casual impact on the medal planes where the mosaic isn't provided.

Creation of the screen a protective tool keep the medal save from unnecessary exposure of its mosaic-free surfaces.

Working on the sketches of the mosaic medal.


The author of the first mosaic medal Andrey Mandjos working on sketches.



Work with mosaic option "Petropavlovskaya" in a mosaic material separately from medal bases.

"" [???? , ].


For creation of a copy of a medal: "Pomorskaya" development of the sketch with application of earlier created mosaic work.

: "" designing a draft based on a previously made mosaic work.




In the course of manufacturing a copy of a mosaic medal under the name: "Vicarial".

 Working on a version of the mosaic medal titled Ministerial



4. The first showcase of the mosaic medal

300th anniversary of the forefather of the Russian mosaic art M.V. Lomonosov.

 The mosaic medal is made of gilded tombac, limited edition. The Mandjos enamel mosaic, in the meantime, as present on each medal is laid out in a unique fashion, color-wise and theme-wise, which enabled the author assign each medal its own name, which in its turn makes them all the rarer. This allows for intelligent collection: not one sample off a collection, but a whole range of variations.   

Mosaic medal exhibits at the January 2012 exhibition held by the State Exhibition Hall Khodynka, Moscow

Copies of a mosaic medal at an exhibition in January, 2012 in the State showroom "Khodynka"




June, 14-17th 2012.

The mosaic medal at the 3rd  International conference and exhibition

COINS - 2012

Moscow, Radisson Slavnyanskaya hotel and Business Centre.  

COINS is the only international Russia-hosted forum on the coin market situation.


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 Report by the Moscow Mint GOZNAK about a new mosaic technology in coin and medal craft.


Presentation of the first mosaic medal at the GOZNAK booth.


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D=100mm  2012





The mosaic offer for manufacturing of the Olympic medals for Games in Sochi in 2014.


Option of flowers of a mosaic decor which can be applied to the Olympic medals in Sochi.

A mosaic color scheme pattern that can be used to embellish Sochi Olympic medals.







Andrey Mandjos mosaic designs from past Olympic medals:  





An example of mosaic incrustation on a book casing, in the photo is the center part of the casing, a decorative plaque (gilded bronze).



2014 Olympic medal incrustation project for a Sochi Olympic Games contractor.




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