School and work


At studio the workshop of the Enamel mosaic of Andrey Mandjos open the 1st School of the Enamel mosaic. Training term 1 year of 6 months, including half a year labor practice. Masters of other art professions can pass the paid accelerated training in a form master classes.

Employment with price-work compensation is guaranteed to all graduates.


More in detail on an official site of the artist:



 1-st  mosaic of  M.V.Lomonosov                                                                1-st  enamel mosaic of A.L.Mandjos

























Lesson "Gauguin's palette"



Feeling of the invoice of a material.


Selection of the main palette.



The sketch in a material on paper without glue.




Mistakes in shape, the wrong ledges in the course of work.




Cracks, wrong smashing by color.






"Gauguin's palette"









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