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The Press

about enamel mosaic of XXI century.


......"The dream of collectors came true!"

"It made that Faberge" .....


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Last references to articles:

Gold tchervonets No. 18, February of 2011 Medals of handwork;id=18

In Russia the first-ever mosaic medal 27.01.2012 08:08 is let out

On March 22, 2012 - article in the newspaper "Moscow Komsomol member": "Lomonosov embodied dream of masters of a mint"

Article: "Putin's most expensive portrait" Copyright: Florio Faustino, 2010   >>>

Article: "Mosaic and painting. Enamel revolution of Mandjos. " Copyright: Mikhail Andreev, 2009

Article: "Why new Faberge isn't necessary to Russia?" Alexey Vashchenko on November 2 2009. Ukraine, Krivoi Rog;task=view&amp;id=13&amp;Itemid=1

Article: "Mosaic the hands. New mosaic equipment." Copyright: Mikhail Andreev, 2010


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ttp:// publication: New newspaper. Free space. A weekly review No. 38 5.10 11.10.2007, circulation of 30.350 copies
&nbsp; Precious President - "The Moscow Komsomol member" - 14.09.2006;ball.x=265&amp;ball.y=6 - the highest rating among the articles "MK" this day. - "The gold globe" - a site of the Australian emalyer - a site of the Argentina artists - a site of the Argentina artists - a site of the Spanish emalyer
The catalog of sites, the section of mosaics -
"INDUSTRY ART" portal:;Id=230
Portal "VICTORY-60":
Portal with culture news:;mes=8&amp;dop=ic08206
Portal of collectors:

Forum, subject "Victor Avilov's Memory":;highlight=&amp;sid=f86e9691e774ef3f8c8facde968be2a3 - the letter A.Mandzhosa.
Forum of searchers "KAMERAD.RU": -;sid=20f17e51878dfb2cb2e8986224e6ca0a
FIRST CHANNEL OF BUSINESS: -;d=22&amp;y=2004:;pid=5 - with No. 13 in the HOBBY REGISTER "SURPRISE the COUNTRY" - an official site of the International art fund;crubric_id=1001501&amp;rubric_id=218&amp;pub_id=288925 - the Kultura newspaper - article "A house number 11 phenomenon". - V. V. AVILOV on a site of Russian actors (the 7th photo) - a site of the Moscow house of masters - a gallery site "The unknown soldier";startrow=8&amp;date=2003-07-21&amp;nws_id=12114 - the reporting on a site state. Culture TV channel - a jeweler site - a jeweler site - an antiquarian site - the Jewish site - article in the newspaper "Arguments and the facts" - a site of the newspaper photographer - the Ukrainian sobytiyny site - a site of the Pushkin museum - a virtual sobytiyny site "OLO"
http://www.sobytia - "Bull terrier" on a site about bull terriers.;startrow=1&amp;date=2004-08-09&amp;nws_id=20600 - the reporting on a site state. Culture TV channel - information virtual resource
WWW.IVLIM.RU - Aztec "the Sun Calendar"
Actors of the Soviet and Russian cinema - M.S.Boyarsky - the 6th photo:;rubric_id=218&amp;crubric_id=1001501&amp;pub_id=288925 - article "A house No. 11 phenomenon" - in the Kultura 22 (7329) 30 newspaper of May - on June 5 2002. - complex interior design - Studia humanitas - a portal "Museums of Russia";id_news=1387&amp;ye=&amp;mo=&amp;id_org=0&amp;theme= - Department of culture of the city hall of Tolyatti



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