“The Faberge Molecula”

“The Faberge Molecula” A micro-miniature in enamel! For the first time, metal was wrought together with enamel on such a micro level, which is a one-off occurrence in enamel jewelry! No one has been able to figure out the technique so far…  Whether it was a microscope brought inside a furnace or rather was it a microscope with built-in furnace?

Compare the sizes of the following items: a regular 1mm by 1mm plate, a flea, a human hair and the eye of a needle.

The fifth, the smallest and darkest fragment is the Faberge Molecula. Andrey Mandjos has shown his artistic scope with micro fragments and that he can indeed bake enamel in its tiniest manifestation.



The image in the small window on the right gives the two-times enlarged view.    - real-life size.

  Back when he was a budding artist, Andrey Mandjos took special micro-miniature lessons from the renowned master of Tula by the name of Nikolay Adoulin, now deceased to everyone's grief. Together they took part in a host of exhibitions and worked their artistry hand in hand, which is why Andrey Mandjos put up for comparison a genuine hair from Nikolay Abdoulin’s beard he had plucked in one of their joint classes. Enamel-mosaic micro miniature opens up a whole new realm of artistic opportunity. Enamel lends the traditional micro miniature the brightness it only can, as Andrey Mandjos has shown with his rather numerous larger pieces. Among everything else the artist is planning to dress fleas in mosaic-clad garments, to lay the tiniest diamond’s faces with mosaic, to inlay famous people’s individual hairs, poppy seeds, and sundry crystals. "A similar kind of micro-mosaic may, for example, act as an encrusted wrist-watch face." The enamel micro-miniature holds a world of expressive opportunity easily overlooked by the naked-eye.

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